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Our team will follow these three principles when working in any project.

We are more than just creating stunning visual pieces; we want to develop engaging campaigns that enthrall audiences, creating not only brand awareness, but a movement around the principles of each client.


INVOLVEMENT: During this first stage, we will sit down to discuss the values and ideas the campaign will communicate. We will do extensive research to have a "full picture" of the product, organization or marketplace.


ACTION: We will thoroughly analyze the target audience, discovering the best approach to user engagement.


RESPONSE: This is where we will set our goals for when the campaign is presented to the targeted audience. We will assess all marketing efforts, studying the best way to create a movement behind the brand.


Ever since he can remember, Jorge de Oliveira Netto (J.D. Netto) has been an art crazy individual. In his childhood, he'd spend most of his time locked in his room, drawing comics or writing books about fictional characters living in far away lands. Bottom line, he's always loved telling stories.


It was this driving passion that led him to start J.D. Netto Designs. Today, the agency combines the art of story-telling and brand creation, building a thriving platform while inspiring audiences with engagement-worthy content. J.D. Netto Designs works with renowned names such as Grammy-nominated artist, Dave Eggar, HarperCollins Publishing, Piquet Realty and Hair Concept by RG.


J.D. is also known for his young adult fantasy books. The Whispers of the Fallen series has sold thousands of copies around the globe, captivating readers around the globe. To know more about his published works, click here.

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